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The 70 Most Popular American Universities on Instagram

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There are plenty of American Universities on Instagram, but which ones are worth following?

Some use it to market themselves to graduating high schoolers. Others leverage Instagram to keep their current students aware of latest campus news and events. We think that every university on this list deserves a mention. Note that all 8 of the Ivy league universities have joined Instagram, some with more success than others.

We’re giving an overview of our 70 best finds. Send us a Tweet if you think other universities should be on this list!

Most Popular Universities on Instagram

Boston College @bostoncollege

boston college on instagram
Be sure to check out their accounts @bcathletics and @bcalumni as well.

University of Wisconsin-Madison @uwmadison

university of wisconsin-madison on instagram

Stanford @stanford

university of stanford on instagram
And the Engineering course @stanfordeng

Indiana University @iubloomington

indiana university on instagram

University of Michigan @uofmichigan

university of michigan on instagram

University of Florida @uflorida

university of florida on instagram

Baylor University @bayloruniversity

baylor university on instagram

Syracuse University @syracuseu

syracuse university on instagram

Full Sail University @fullsailuniversity

full sail university on instagram

University of Kansas @universityofkansas

university of kansas on instagram

University of Mississippi @olemiss

university of mississippi on instagram

Penn State University @pennstateuniversity

penn state university on instagram

Arizona State University @arizonastateuniversity

arizona state university

Miami University @miamiuniversity

miami university on instagram

University of Utah @universityofutah

university of utah on instagram

Ohio State University @theohiostateuniversity

ohio state university on instagram

University of South Carolina @uofsc

university of south carolina on instagram

Yale University @yale

yale university on instagram

Marquette University @marquetteu

marquette university on instagram

Notre Dame @notredame

notre dame on instagram

University of Pennsylvania @uofpenn

university of pennsylvania on instagram

Duke University @dukeuniversity

duke university

University of Southern California @uscedu

usc on instagram

Elon University @elonuniversity

elon university on instagram

Princeton University @princeton_university

princeton university on instagram

Texas A&M University @tamu

texas a and m university on instagram

University of Arizona @uarizona

university of arizona on instagram

University of Colorado Boulder @cuboulder

university of colorado boulder on instagram

Dartmouth College @dartmouthcollege

dartmouth college on instagram

Univeristy of Oregon @uoregon

university of oregon on instagram

UT Austin @utaustintx

ut austin texas on instagram

Cornell University @cornelluniversity

cornell university on instagram

Harvard University @harvardu

harvard university on instagram
And their 2 branches: @harvardmed and @harvardlaw

Brown University @brownu

brown university on instagram
Be sure to check out the child account for admissions too: @brownuadmission

Virginia Tech @virginiatech

virginia tech on instagram

University of New Hampshire @uofnh

university of new hampshire on instagram

University of Kentucky @universityofky

university of kentucky on instagram
And their account for new admissions: @seeblue

University of Minnesota @umnpics

university of minnesota on instagram
and @uofmadmissions looks after the new admissions.

Loyola University Maryland @loyolamaryland

loyola university maryland on instagram

Saint Joseph’s Univeristy @saintjosephs

st josephs university on instagram

Columbia University @columbiauniversity

columbia university on instagram

Rice University @riceuniversity

rice university on instagram

Grand Valley State University @gvsu

grand valley state university on instagram

Emory University @emoryuniversity

emory university on instagram

Tufts University @tuftsuniversity

tufts university on instagram

College of William and Mary @william_and_mary

william and mary university on instagram

UC Berkeley @ucberkeleyofficial

uc berkeley on instagram
And their account for alumni friends: @ucberkeley

Northeastern University @northeastern

northeastern university on instagram

University of Missouri @mizzou

university of missouri mizzou on instagram

Wayne State University @waynestate

wayne state university on instagram

NC State University @ncstate

nc state university on instagram

Univeristy of Portland @uportland

university of portland on instagram

Georgia Tech @georgiatech

georgia tech on instagram

Saint Lawrence University @stlawrenceu

st lawrence university on instagram

Bowdoin College @bowdoincollege

bowdoin college on instagram

NorthWestern University @northwesternu

northwestern university on instagram

Amherst College @amherstcollege

amherst college on instagram

George Washington University @gwuniversity

george washington university on instagram

Illinois State University @illinoisstateu

illinois state university on instagram

Fairfield University @fairfieldu

fairfield university on instagram

Drake University @drakeuniversity

drake university on instagram

University of San Diego @universityofsandiego

university of san diego on instagram

Oberlin College @oberlincollege

oberlin college on instagram

Suny New Paltz @sunynewpaltz

suny new paltz on instagram

John Carroll University @johncarrollu

john carroll university on instagram

Johns Hopkins University @johnshopkinsu

johns hopkins university on instagram

MIT @mitpics

mit on instagram
And associated accounts @mitalumni and @mitmuseum.

Webster University @websteru

webster university on instagram

Babson College @babsoncollege

babson college on instagram

Westminster College @westminsterslc

westminster college on instagram

University of Akron @uakron

uakron university on instagram

Did we miss any? The comment section is here for you to let us know. If you’re a community manager for a university and would like to get in touch, please do! You can also tweet us @wearetotems

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  • Aaron W. Jaco

    Drake University has 845 followers; which feels very legit for a school our size.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Indeed! I’m going to update this list with new suggestions soon and I’ll include Drake. Thanks for reaching out

  • Paige Francis

    Fairfield University 950 followers, please add – we love it!

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for notifying us Paige, I’ll update the post soon!

  • Hannah

    George Washington University has 1,050 followers! We’re in the nation’s capital, what better city to instagram than DC?

    • Thibaut Davoult


  • Mathew Myers

    UNH has a very informal, creative page that has 2,800+ followers.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Kudos on the 1,100th post on this Instagram: That’s quite a lot of activity. We’re moving toward a top 50 rather than 40 thanks to all these suggestions!

  • Tim Cigelske

    Thanks for creating this list, Thibaut!

  • Jason Boucher

    You missed @UofNH ( with 2,843 followers and a lot of interaction.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks Jason!

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  • Larry

    University of Pennsylvania has 3700+ followers. I’m a bit sad to see Princeton mentioned and not UPenn :/ Check out @UofPenn

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for your suggestion Larry.

  • Nitrogram

    We’ve updated our list to feature the universities that you all suggested. Thanks for letting us know about all these great accounts.

  • Leah Twilley

    Great list! Grand Valley State University (in west Michigan) has nearly 1,600 followers: We’d love if you could add us!

    • Nitrogram

      Hi Leah, we might update this list again. If we do, we’ll be sure to include GVSU. By The Way, that’s great photo: !

      • Leah Twilley

        Thank you! It would be great to be part of this list.

  • Dave Pitz

    st. joe’s has over 1,700 followers

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for the suggestion @davepitz:disqus, it’ll be added soon

  • Jack Tobe

    university of mississippi! (ole miss)

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Indeed, good account! I’ll add it soon to the list @jacktobe:disqus

  • Holly Sherburne

    Nice list. Bowdoin College in Maine has a great Instagram feed that is populated by its Student Digital Media Team.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for this suggestion Holly, it’s in my “to add” list

  • anitaboeira

    Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT, also has an Instagram account that’s growing!

    • Thibaut Davoult

      thanks for the feedback, I’ll be sure to add it next time I edit this post!

      • anitaboeira

        Thank you! :)

  • tsand

    Is this the 50 most popular list or the 50 most suggested list? Either way, thanks for including Marquette and Madison! #Wisconsin

    • Thibaut Davoult

      50 Most popular… or so I thought: Obviously I missed a few ones, so I regularly add some to the list.

  • Steven Norris

    I was wondering the same thing. Was this measured or is it based what you thought was cool?

    I would make a vote to include Georgia Tech. They have a pretty interesting mix of cool photography and great campus shots.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      I also took into consideration the frequency of posts, as some universities are more active than others!

  • Katy Bennett

    We’d love for you to check out the University of Kentucky’s admissions account 2,152 followers and growing everyday!

    • Thibaut Davoult

      I added Seeblue plus the official account for the University of Kentucky. Thanks for your suggestion @katy_bennett:disqus

  • Aaron Kothe

    Webster University is updated frequently and has approximately 450 followers; it should probably be on the list.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      hi Aaron, Webster U has been added thanks to your suggestion.

      • Aaron Kothe

        Thank you! Excellent list, I appreciate you creating it.

  • Tiffany Broadbent Beker

    The College of William & Mary is also on Instagram ( with nearly 1,500 followers so far

    • Thibaut Davoult

      @tiffanybroadbentbeker:disqus I just updated the post with The College of William and Mary. Thanks for helping improving the list.

  • John Oles

    Don’t forget about SUNY New Paltz.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Just added it, thanks @johnoles:disqus


        my school just joined please add us to the list please thank you and God bless

    • Elizabeth Shumaker

      Johnson and Wales University College of Business Charlotte Campus has a Instagram help us grow !
      Where you aware we had a college of business? More than likely you thought we were all cooks! Well we aren’t so please help us to spread the word!

  • Joe Kuffner

    Awesome list!!! Thanks for doing the work to put it together. We launched the University of Portland Instagram page in December 2012, and it’s almost at 1,500 followers now.

    Not bad, but we can do better! Love how good of a tool Instagram is at connecting with prospective and current students.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add it to the list

  • Philip Jones

    Check out Elon University (, which highlights what’s happening on campus on a daily basis.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      thanks @disqus_PdsXokPJcg:disqus, I’ll add Elon U on my next update.

    • Elizabeth Shumaker

      Johnson and Wales University College of Business Charlotte Campus has a Instagram help us grow !
      you aware we had a college of business? More than likely you thought we
      were all cooks! Well we aren’t so please help us to spread the word!

  • jessica carlson

    The University of Arizona has 2,781 followers:

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Hi @disqus_eyVCS87Eub:disqus and thanks for suggesting uarizona. Definitely worth checking out!

  • Jimi Kunkel

    Don’t forget Full Sail University! 8,500+ strong and growing.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      We’re going to update the article today with Full Sail in it. Definitely an account worth checking out!

  • Callie

    You should check out the University of Mount Union’s Instagram account at @mountunion

  • Therese Spetrino

    What about Franciscan University of Steubenville?

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Hi @theresespetrino:disqus, do they have an Instagram account?

  • Terry Coniglio

    You should check out Georgia State University! @GeorgiaStateUniversity on Instagram

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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  • expressioncollege

    Hi – Ex’pression College has a great Instagram page with some unique perspectives – they approach it in a fun manner:

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Very interesting, thanks!

  • Kayla

    I hear Slippery Rock University is doing great things on Instagram: @slipperyrockuniversity

  • Mickeyallen2600

    The New School is on Instagram! With plenty of NYC awesomeness.

  • Sophie

    Millsaps College in Jackson, MS has a great Instagram!

  • Rob Seal

    U.Va. has a relatively new account as well, with 1,130 followers. Thanks!

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for the heads up Rob, I’ll look into it

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  • David Duncan

    Liberty University has over 7,000 followers and the photo staff updates it daily to weekly. Please add

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Great account – Thanks for reaching out

  • Tina Wagner

    UW-Milwaukee has 1,400+ followers. We’d love if you add us to the list:

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Good suggestion Tina, thanks for letting me know.

  • Occidental College

    We just passed 700 followers this morning! We offer daily snapshots of liberal arts on the West Coast.

  • Kimberly Sorensen

    Colorado State University’s Instagram account has been up and running for just over a year (2,613 followers) and does an awesome job at showcasing what life is like as a CSU Ram in Fort Collins, Colo. Check it out at

    Very cool to see how other universities are using the platform! Great list.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for letting us know!

  • John Eisele

    How about Colorado State University? We have just over 2600 followers!

  • HighPointUniversity

    Good Morning! @HighPointU is also on Instagram! Follow us…

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for the feedback @highpointuniversity:disqus

  • Heather

    Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles has a great Instagram account.

  • Cass

    Definitely think @UofOklahoma should be on this list! 7,522 followers and they recently had an IG community meet-up!

    • Nitrogram

      Indeed, good call @disqus_uY6EOyqRri:disqus

  • Tina

    UC Riverside has an AMAZING instagram page – @lifeatucr
    Thanks for this great article! I’m having a blast looking at all of these pages! :D

    • Tina

      Believe they have over 2,000 followers!

      • Thibaut Davoult

        Yes, 2.5k. Cool account, thanks for sharing.

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  • Angelo C

    Hi, I think @HofstraU should be on the list. They have 1,761 followers and their content generates tons of engagement.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for letting us know about it

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  • Liza

    Can St. Edward’s get some love too?

  • Luke DaMommio

    St. John’s University! @stjohnsu 2,057 followers and climbing! Great article!

  • Luke DaMommio

    Check out St. John’s University! over 2,000 followers!

  • Sandra

    St. John’s University has over 2,000 followers, please add We post photos and instructional videos on how to get around campus. We have a group of students call the Social Media Ambassadors who capture candid and scenic pictures of the campus as well. Thanks!

  • Amanda

    The University of Vermont’s Instagram account:

  • Enola Wink

    2 awesome sites for getting more Instagram followers, likes and comments

  • Justin Thompson

    Radford University has over 500 followers and posts frequently! Check us out

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  • Linda Chang

    Suny Geneseo is becoming more and more popular!! Has 361 followers and rapidly growing!!! Add us to the list!

  • Max

    University of Alberta, Canada!


  • Courtney Coster

    Check out the University of Washington Instagram 4400+ followers.

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  • Kayla

    Slippery Rock University has quadrupled their number of followers in the last four months. Also, they ran a wildly successful Instagram (#instaSRU) contest in October. Future contests/challenges are currently being planned for the university’s 125th anniversary celebration (for the year of 2014).

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  • Nicole S.

    Lorain County Community College (@lorainccc) in Elyria, Ohio has 168 followers! It would be great to have a community college on the list.

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  • Jackson State University

    You missed Jackson State University, 3,246 followers.

  • Elizabeth Shae

    West Virginia University should definitely be on this list with 9,268 followers on Instagram.

  • Timothy Sofranko

    Northern Kentucky University has an account….very nice stuff on there.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for the heads up. Cheers

  • Austin Peay Photos

    Austin Peay State University — 1121 followers! :) Let’s go Peay!

  • Michael

    Nearly 10K followers on @txst, Texas State University.

  • Jaspery Goh

    With over 5k followers, @lifeatUCR is the official Instagram of UCR.

  • lyaliabhatt

    The Largest Online Fitness Community nown