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Instagram for Business – Best Articles

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When Instagram announced that they were researching ways to “monetize eventually”, the Internets went crazy. This, coupled with their recent decision to provide a more desktop-friendly experience, are good enough incentives for companies to look into developing an Instagram strategy.

Many, many articles have covered the do’s and don’ts of using Instagram for Business, so we compiled this curated list with only the best ones for easy access.


Instagram’s numbers

Summary of Instagram’s Growth on Quora



How to

5 ways Instagram can boost your marketing plan on Entrepreneur

10 creative ways to use Instagram for Business on Social Media Examiner

The 7 step to powerful tourism marketing with Instagram on the Nitrogram blog

What are creatives ways to use Instagram for Tourism Marketing? on Quora

The Rookie’s Guide to Instagram for Business on Unbounce



How do brands use Instagram? on Quora

List of top brands on Instagram on Quora

List of Nonprofits on Instagram on Quora

How shopatrend used Instagram to attract new customers on Entrepreneur

Smaller or service companies making good use of Instagram: Rogue Ales, Media Temple,Carrot Creative, Mission Bicycle


Instagram within the Social Media Marketing space

What is the future of Pinterest vs. Instagram for marketing? on Quora

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