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Sorry, TOTEMS is no longer available…

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Hi there, and welcome. As announced at the end of February, TOTEMS is no longer available.

So what now?

Fear not, life goes on. If you have any questions about platforms we might recommend for your needs on Instagram:

  • analytics
  • post scheduling
  • influencer marketing

Feel free to get in touch at – we’ll be happy to help and give you a few ideas.

In the meantime, our 100% free list of Instagram brands is still up (for now):

the TOTEMS team

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    Hope you guys are doing well

  • Voro Mkt

    From our Voro Marketing we would like to thank you for your work with

  • Francis Kim

    I’ve been looking an NPM package for the Instagram API so I ended up here. It’s for my app – anyway it’s sad to see this shut :|