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Advertising Instagram Campaigns on Other Networks

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Fashion is one of the most represented industries on Instagram. Consequently, the campaigns led by fashion brands on the photo app are numerous, and often instructive.

Impressive numbers of followers can be seen in official accounts like @burberry, @gucci, @louisvuitton, @dolcegabbanaofficial, @tiffanyandco. Last but not least, @louboutinworld, just passed 1 Million followers.

Among these, @michaelkors know how to play the Insta-game and just showed it with a quick and efficient contest specially organized for Valentine’s Day. #FallingInLoveWith was an Instagram-only contest where fans could share photos of products they liked.

Advertising Instagram Campaigns on Other Networks

The social media team at Michael Kors distilled their promotions of the contest over time, and between their social media channels.

The brand first used the hashtag on February 3 on Instagram, without mentioning any kind of contest. However, a few days later, the fan’s participation on the Hashtag skyrocketed when Michael Kors communicated about the contest on their Facebook Page, with a clear Call to Action (even though no reward was guaranteed…):


A few days later, on February 17, they advertised the contest again, this time via Twitter:


This graph shows the impact of each posts on the number of photos shared with #FallingInLoveWith during the contest’s period:


Submissions were both displayed on a mini site, and via a Pinboard on the Official Pinterest page. Publishing the best submission on the web is a strategy often used by brands to make their contests more sustainable over time. Here, the submissions stopped a few days after the official deadline, but the content generated by the fans is still accessible through these two channels.

This contest is a perfect example of how brands should use other networks to boost their Instagram activity and campaigns. Do you think Michael Kors could have done more? We’d love to know your opinion.

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  • Guillaume de la Serre

    so basically, Facebook still rules to get the message across

    • Thibaut Davoult

      In this example, it indeed does because Michael Kors didn’t really promote via Instagram in the first place. But other examples show more success promoting directly through Instagram. Urban Outfitters manage to launch their Hashtags very efficiently via Instagram, and keep the activity going by posting on Facebook/Twitter/Website etc.

  • Emma Siemasko

    Seems like it might’ve been worthwhile to Tweet it out a few more times. Twitter handles are easy to miss…and why not a Twit Pic!?

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Maybe, I think they could’ve done a lot more on Instagram: they have 550k followers there!

      • Emma Siemasko

        Do you think there’s any chance they would attempt to limit the number of entries received as not to over inundate themselves with entries? It seems like a pretty meek and sad campaign to me otherwise. At the very least, an Instagram contest should be shown on Instagram. They should’ve used the same hashtag to generate some buzz about the contest on Twitter.

        • Thibaut Davoult

          They might have tried to give a low profile to the whole promotion as a way to test for future bigger-scale campaigns. They had everything set up and just needed to promote it more actively, you’re right!

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