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20 B2B Companies to Follow on Instagram

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It has often been argued that Instagram is only fit for companies selling visual products. We agree to disagree.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the amount of clothing brands or e-merchants with an Instagram account far outweighs the number of B2B companies Instagramming away. But Instagram isn’t only useful to show visual products. B2Bs too have a stake in sharing photos and interacting on Instagram. If not to generate new leads and attract new customers, they can build a friendly presence there to attract new talent.

1. General Electric

instagram ge general electric

Photo by generalelectric on Instagram
General Electric is, by far, the most visual B2B account on Instagram. Back in 2012, the company even ran a contest to crowdsource beautiful photos to add to their own.

2. Maersk Line

maerskline photo on instagram

Photo by @maerskline on Instagram
Overall, Maersk Line is doing an outstanding job on social media. The container shipping company even has a website explaining why it’s so important for them to be present on Facebook, Twitter and 10 other networks, Including Instagram. If you look closely at the GE photo we posted previously, you’ll see that @maerskline commented on it. That’s yet another example of a brand not using Instagram solely to show off their products.

3. VMware

vmware on instagram

Photo by @vmwarecareers on Instagram

Through their accounts vmwareu and vmwarecareers, the Virtual Machine experts are expressly on Instagram to scout for new talent. vmwareevents is here to communicate on conferences attended by representatives.

4. Deloitte Digital


Photo by @deloittedigital on Instagram

By alternating between serious news and whimsical candids of the everyday life, Deloitte Digital shows off their office space and the attitude of their employees. Case in point: This photo came with the caption “Anybody have the wifi password?”.

5. Adobe

adobe on instagram

Photo by @adobe on Instagram

The developers behind Photoshop are resourceful when it comes to sharing original photos. They often show their employees using their softwares and communicate on their events. Take a look at the caption, you’ll see that rapper Soulja Boy commented on this photo. Quite frankly, we have no idea why but it definitely piqued our curiosity!

6. Salesforce


The first photo by @marketingcloud on Instagram

Salesforce has become one of the references in B2B services for integrated social media management. They are using various accounts @marketingcloud, @dreamforce, and @salesforcefoundation to share about their events, their culture and philanthropy.

7. Intel

photo by intel on instagram

Photo by @intel on Instagram

Intel knows how to interact on Instagram, they recently held a quick contest called #WorkspaceWednesday to engage with their audience. 140 photos of Intel-powered products were shared.

8. Oracle


Photo by @oracle on Instagram

Oracle just joined Instagram last month, so their account is still new and has a long way to go, but their photos are already worthy of your attention. Note that Oracle’s logo appears on almost all of their photos. A practice that tends to disappear as a brand account grows.

9. Hubspot

hubspot on instagram

Photo by @hubspot on Instagram

The team at Hubspot make sure they always communicate about the events they attend. As is shown in this image when they attended a conference led by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of bestseller Lean in.

10. Sendgrid


Photo by @sendgrid on Instagram

11. Mailchimp


Photo by @mailchimp on Instagram

12. Media Temple


Photo by @mediatemple on Instagram

We talked about Media Temple before. These server providers really are making the most of Instagram’s features to display a great team spirit.

13. Marketo

marketo on instagram

Photo by @marketob2b on Instagram

14. Infusionsoft

infusionsoft on instagram

Photo by @infusionsoft on Instagram

15. Sprout Social

sproutsocial on Instagram

Photo by @sproutsocial on Instagram

16. Hootsuite

hootsuite on instagram

Photo by @hootsuite on Instagram

17. Zendesk


Photo by @zendesk on Instagram

This photo was originally shared by Thomas, Zendesk’s happy 10,000th Facebook fan, who received a pack of goodies at home as a reward.

18. Cisco Systems

cisco systems on instagram

Photo by @ciscosystems on Instagram

19. Fedex

fedex on instagram

Photo by @fedex on Instagram


totems on instagram

Photo by @wearetotems on Instagram

Of course, we are closing this list with our own account!

We use Instagram to show the company’s team traditions (the mysterious Squashpong, our Friday meals from the delicious African Market nearby). But most of all, we are communicating with our clients, sharing latest news about TOTEMS, and the very occasional issues that our servers might experience.

Every other week, the account is passed along to a member of the team with complete freedom on what to share. This week, Damien from Marketing is doing a series on using Instagram for e-commerce.


Do you agree with our picks? Do you know of other B2Bs that are doing great on Instagram?

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  • Stanislas Polu

    Awesome list of accounts to follow! I followed most of them.

  • Gabriel Hubert

    B2B Love! Kudos for Cisco’s #hadouken

  • Infusionsoft

    Thanks for the B2B love Thibaut! We’ve really enjoyed sharing events, culture and more through our Instagram account.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      So much can be done on Instagram for B2Bs, we’re not done discovering new ideas yet!

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  • Chris @ Rizzo Tees

    That’s an outstanding list, and one you guys deserve to be on.

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Thanks for the comment and kind words Chris. On a somewhat related note, are you using Instagram for Rizzo Tees? @RizzoTees:disqus

  • Adeem Matthews

    Awesome read, by any chance have you come across any B2C or B2B companies doing an trouble shooting, how-to’s etc. in Instagram videos or pictures

    • Thibaut Davoult

      Do you mean about their own product? I still have to witness this, but it would be a great idea indeed.

      …a great idea for the Nitrogram account as well :)

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