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14 Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

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Every community manager knows that adding calls to action on social media posts is an effective way to boost engagement.

These CTAs can be done in many ways. On Facebook, some popular ones are:

  • “Fill in the blanks” posts
  • Like if option A / share if option B / comment if option C
  • Open-ended questions
  • Match ups between 2 posts or opinions

Instagram CTAs are much in the same array, and some of these examples stand. But with its “tactile” design, Instagram brings a few more options. CTAs are also often the best way to get fans to go outside and do something meaningful on behalf of your brand.

Here are 14 examples of CTAs that will get your more likes on Instagram:

Fill in the blank – Gatorade

Standoffs (Pepsi Max – #BattleoftheBuckets)

Other examples of fan-choice type of Instagram posts:

Keeping the best fan-made content – Nasty Gal

With its the Click gallery, Nasty Gal gives fans a reason to share selfies promoting the brand. (The dog is here for additional cuteness, also a surefire like-booster!)

Caption: Show us how #nastygalsdoitbetter at ❤ #shoecult

Instagram challenges – Black Milk Clothing

Real-life challenges – Lululemon

Real-life Scavenger hunts – Vitamin Water

Inviting fans to tag friends – Skinny Me Tea

Double Tap to like – Coca Cola

Brisk does it as well…

Light hearted polls (with a fun twist) – Brisk

Calling for photos – Victoria’s Secret

The anti Call to action – Innocent Smoothies

Ask fans to choose a favorite design – Lacoste

Keeping it simple but effective – Volcom

The caption of this post: Tap twice if this applies to you…

Use passionate community members as advocates – Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder organizes obstacle races in extreme conditions. Some of the Mudders participating in these races become hardcore fans and even better advocates. Have a look at Devon here:

What do you think about these examples? Have you seen other types of CTAs on Instagram? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to have a look!

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